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At Total Garden Care we are passionate about making your garden dreams a reality. 

We stock an extensive range of products from seedlings right through to advanced trees and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to help you every step of the way! 
Don’t have a green thumb? Give us a call today to enquire about our landscaping services. 

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Our Services at Total Garden Care

Open to both public and commercial buyers, the Aberdeen Nursery is here to support a wide range of needs.

Our range of products include a diverse variety of seedlings, plants, shrubs and advanced trees.

Some of our top sellers include Manchurian Pears, London Plane Trees, Viburnums, Box Hedge, Photinia Red Robins, Lilly Pillys, Vegetable Seedlings, Grasses, Fruit Trees and Shade Trees.

If you are passionate about your garden but just need a little helping hand, we are here to guide you to get the best out of your garden. 

Total Garden Care provides a range of landscaping supplies to help you build the foundation for your garden. 

Our landscaping yard offers a variety of mulch, soils, sandstone blocks, pavers, stones and plenty more. 

Dreaming of your perfect garden to complement your home?

Professional landscaping can transform your property and provides you with improved air quality, adding value to the home, as well as an aesthetically pleasing space to enjoy with friends and family.

Total Garden Care offers full landscaping services and works closely with you to plan and implement your desired result. 

Do you have unwanted or overgrown trees? Our arboriculture service will remove branches, tree stumps or clear out vegetation that is causing you concern. 

We also offer general tree maintenance to tidy up an area and land rehabilitation to support your landscaping efforts.