At Total Garden Care we offer a range of services and are experts at designing your garden to suit your needs.

Perhaps you are looking to create privacy or are in need of greenery to add colour and character to your property. Landscaping brings many benefits, such as air purification and adds value to your home. By using Total Garden Care as your professional landscaper, you can ensure that your project is going to be successful after making the investment.

That’s why we offer full garden management and maintenance services, as once we’ve completed your landscaping project, we are there to assist you with ongoing support. This ensures a high success rate of your new plants and trees, which comes down to correct selection to suit your soil, climate and desired outcomes.

As we own Aberdeen Nursery, we have direct access to advanced trees, as well as an extensive range of plant varieties, along with all of the necessary garden and landscape supplies, including stones, rocks, pavers, garden edging, soil and mulch… not to mention the right tools and machinery.

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Total Garden Care Services encompass:


Are you looking to bulk order plants or garden supplies?

We offer delivery which we can provide for an additional cost. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.