Arboricultural Services

Do you need Arboricultural Services to assist with removing large, overgrown plants or overhanging trees?

Due to the risk of this dangerous type of work, it is best left to the professionals as it requires specialised equipment.

That’s why Total Garden Care is pleased to offer this service to our customers. We can safely and professionally remove unwanted trees or lop branches, to take away the concern and inconvenience these may cause.

We also remove all green waste once we’re finished, so that you’re not left with the hassle of having to do this yourself.

General vegetation management, hedge trimming, tree removal, or more complex jobs such as tree relocation are no problem for our team of qualified and experienced arborators. 

Servicing the Aberdeen region in New South Wales we can assist with most arboriculture tasks.

Please contact us for a quote and to place a booking.

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Total Garden Care Arboricultural Services

Tree Pruning & Lopping

Removing trees such as unwanted palms overgrown yakas is not a problem for our team of arbotures.

Whether you require general pruning of trees to look after the health of your plants or to tidy them up to ensure they remain aesthetically pleasing, we are here to assist you.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Do you have unwanted stumps to be removed?

They can take up much needed room on your property and leaving behind dead old stumps can become a tripping hazard.

They also expose your property to the risk of attracting termites or white ants, which can cause severe damage if left untreated.